I speak at events, but I also plan and have planned events of all kinds. I know that very often the difference between a great event and one that is not is the speaker. Because the speaker makes such a big difference I know that choosing a speaker is a big responsibility and will have a major impact on your event. I hope the following information will be helpful to you as you plan your event. I would love to have the opportunity to make a difference for your audience. 


I absolutely love sharing what I have learned with a group, and I have been speaking to groups professionally for twenty years. Over the last few years I have averaged over 70 events a year, ranging from keynoting conferences to high school commencements. I work on perfecting my craft every single day, and promise to bring the highest level of passion, skill, experience, and expertise that I possess to your event.

My Commitment 

I book speakers for events, and I know that it’s not always the easiest process, and that speakers can sometimes be a pain to work with. I’m a normal person just like you, who has a passion for sharing what I have been privileged to learn, and I appreciate every opportunity to do so. You should expect that every interaction that you have with me or anyone on my team will be characterized by that appreciation. We promise that you will find us easy and fun to work with and extremely low maintenance. My focus, and the focus of everyone on my team, is about making your event as successful and fantastic as possible, and we see our opportunity to be part of your event as a special privilege.

Sessions On Education

Sessions On Family and Young Adults

New for 2018 - The Launch Series!

Following the success of the The How to Adult series released last year the Launch series focuses on one area that young adults (and many older adults!) ask about all the time, "How do I find meaningful work that I love?" In more broad terms people want to know how to find their life's work, or from an even bigger perspective how to live an effective and meaningful life. Young adults want to know how to find their first job. Older adults want to know how to advance in their career towards work that they feel is worth doing, work that gets them excited! This series is all about launching into adulthood, launching up in a career, and launching into a meaningful and effective life.  

A note to speaker coordinators and conference planners: This series is designed in its entirely to be particularly meaningful for young adults and their parents. Done as a series it begins with explaining the "big pieces" of life to new adults and how those pieces work. Once a young adult knows how life works the series explains how to use that knowledge to optimize his or her own life. Each session introduces a problem or problems young adults face, presents the critical information they need to understand what is going on, identifies the core principles that must be understood to excel in that area of life, and then presents solutions that listeners can customize for their own lives and unique situations.

The Launch series is designed to be used in its entirety for a conference or convention or as a track inside of a bigger conference. You may also choose individual presentations from the series to be used as stand-alone sessions. Sessions 2 - 5 will work for both young adult and older adult audiences. Please contact our speaking coordinator, Megan, by using the form at the bottom of this page and she will help you craft the best combination of presentations to meet the goals of your event.  

Launch Session 1: What it Means to be an Adult

An adult is someone who is fully responsible and fully independent. To be an effective adult requires a solid understanding of how life is organized. Once you understand how life works then you can develop plans and strategies to optimize your life. One particularly helpful way to understand the framework of life is to look at the challenge, structure, and order of life. Once you understand those things it will help you develop effective solutions and strategies for your life and enable you to be an effective adult.

Launch Session 2: The Most Important Skills You Won’t Learn in School

Life is structured around time, tasks, and relationships. If you develop effective time and task skills and learn the art of prioritization then you can maximize your relationships. Time, task, and prioritization systems can have endless variety, but they are all built on some basic foundational principles. If you learn those principles you can build your own custom systems that will help maximize not only your relationships, but your life.

Session 3: Finding Your Life’s Work

You don’t want just a job - you want to ultimately discover meaningful work that is worth dedicating the majority of your waking hours to. You want to find your life’s work! Finding your life’s work usually starts with finding a job. Finding your first job can seem intimidating and difficult, but if you understand some critical information about what employers and companies want finding a job can be interesting and easy.

Session 4: Excelling at Your Life’s Work

Being excellent at what you do can bring meaning, purpose, and quality to your life, and being excellent is how you best help and serve other people. Whatever work you do what is needed is results, and today’s constant change and disruption means getting great results can be challenging. Anything challenging requires expertise. Fortunately building skill and gaining expertise is something that anyone can do if you know the process and core principles.

Session 5: Loving Your Life’s Work

Everyone wants to do work that they love, but most of the advice on how to find work that you love is complete garbage. You need to learn to sort out the garbage and learn the core elements that need to be present to love your work. Understanding those elements and pursuing them in your work will ultimately lead you to fulfilling, satisfying work that you love and that makes a difference in the world.


What the Audience Thinks

Great verbal examples and was very knowledgeable about the material and information from experience.
Well informed, clear presentation that was straight to the point.
Excellent sessions! Entertaining and easy to follow. Packed with useful info. Do it again next year!
Helped renew my focus on what really matters and helps to reduce that overwhelmed feeling by narrowing down my “lists” of what I pray my children will leave home with.
Humorous, knowledgeable – loud enough to be heard in the back of the room!
I am almost 16 and I really learned a lot about what I should do and expect.
Great speaker! Need a larger room!
Practical, spoken from personal family experience. Funny!
He was great! Very affirming and positive! Great help (and relief!)!
So practical! Love it! No just focused on academics, but in real life. Thank you! Bring him back next year!
Wonderful and engaging speaker. Informative and humorous

Next Step and Booking Information

If you are interested in booking me for your event please contact my speaking coordinator, Megan Weber, by filling out the form below. Megan can answer any questions you have, provide recordings of some of my sessions, and work out all of the details for your event.

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