Raise an Adult, Not a Child

Everybody doesn’t win all the time and not everyone deserves a trophy. Remember when playgrounds weren’t 100% rubber, bullies eventually got beat up and you had to be home by dark? More and more our young adults are behaving like deserving children. Unfortunately there are a lot of 30 year old boys and girls running around our culture, expecting all things to go their way. Come be encouraged and learn how and why it is best to raise up men and women who are equipped and prepared for a successful adulthood.

How to Start a Family Adventure Company

You have a choice when it comes to your family. You can live a normal, boring life like everyone else, or you can choose to place your family at the center of a continually unfolding story full of drama, challenges, missions, and adventure. Jonathan will teach you how to create and build your own Family Adventure Company. Come discover why adventures are worth the danger, and the thrill of leading your family in living a story that is filled with excitement, purpose and meaning. Think carefully before you attend! It will be impossible to leave this session and remain satisfied with being a “normal” family!

Standing on the Solid Rock: How to Radically Transform Your Family Through Family Bible Study

Faithfully having a time for daily family Bible study and worship will transform your family, supercharge your faith, and can completely change your life. Planning and leading a daily family Bible study is simple, doesn’t require any specialized theological training, and will yield benefits beyond what you can imagine. Come hear Jonathan share about how his life, and the life of his family, has been transformed by one simple discipline. You will leave equipped to change your family dramatically!

Ten Crucial Years

Between the ages of 10-20 your son or daughter will make the transition from child to adult. Along the way there are some significant and easily identified milestones and transitions. This is also a time where the right kind of training can pay multi-generational dividends. This session will give you a year by year plan for training and equipping your child for the rest of their life, and will show you how to create your family’s own unique ceremonies and rites of passage to recognize and celebrate the growth and accomplishments in these ten crucial years.