Helping leaders, families, parents, and students find, train for, and deliberately achieve the purpose they are called to accomplish.



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My story, background, perspective, motivations, and generally the page that you should review to decide if and why you should care about what I have to say about anything, and if I am qualified to talk about it.  


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Are you planning an event and need a speaker?  Does your audience need guidance on how to prepare children to be successful in today’s world? Want to inspire families to be more and do more? Trying to untangle higher education options? Wondering how to train young people for successful adulthood? Interested in learning how to live deliberately? Learn about Jonathan’s speaking topics and how he can make your next event successful. 

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Parenting, family culture, higher education strategies, higher education alternatives, training for success, vision casting, big ideas, failures confessed, mistakes reviewed, inspiration offered, adventures encouraged, and general ramblings all presented with the goal of living deliberately.

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